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our inspiring testimonials!

"I tried for 5 years to teach my daughter Aggie to ride without success, Lisa did less than an hour! Lisa provided a warm, friendly and professional service and we will definitely be coming back for further training for our children."

Chris Boardman - Boardman Bikes (Wirral) 

*Christopher Miles Boardman MBE is a British former racing cyclist who won an individual pursuit gold medal at the 1992 Barcelona Summer Olympics, he went on to break the 'world hour' record three times, he also won three stages and wore the coveted yellow jersey on three separate occasions at the Tour de France. Chris has also broken various other world records and was awarded an MBE for services to cycling - He is considered one of Britain's all time cycling greats and is also the founder of Boardman Bikes, a range of 'high end' competitively priced bikes sold at Halfords *

"My son Oscar was born without hands and feet, he is now 12(going on 25!!) and wears prosthetic legs. I never thought I would see the day that my son would ride a bike but Lisa sorted that! Amazingly she got Oscar to ride an unmodified bike in less than 2 hours, incredible!! Lisa knows absolutely everything there is to know about bikes and riding bikes, I and Oscar are forever grateful. Thanks Lisa."

Chris Fradgley - Oscar's dad (Kingswinford) 'as featured on the BBC 2 tv programme "The Big Life Fix" presented by Simon Reeve.'

"My 4 year old daughter went to riding a bike with no stabilisers in literally 20 minutes... We were very impressed with how quickly she picked everything up. She said to me on the way home "Lisa is a really good teacher dad!" - Very highly recommended!

Thank you Lisa for making it a fun and easy learning experience."

Marco Dell'Isola (Staffordshire) 2x BMX World Champion

*Marco Dell'Isola is a double BMX world champion winning back to back titles, first in Australia (2009) and then successfully defending his title the following year in South Africa (2010) - Marco also heads the successful Stay Strong BMX racing team & high quality bicycle/components company.* 

"We were really pleased at how quickly and easily Lisa got our 8 year old son riding. In fact, I've written about the experience in more depth here { 92three30 - teaching your child to ride a bike } - We'd certainly recommend Lisa."

Erica Price (Birmingham)

"I THINK LISA IS AMAZING !!! I've tried for years to convince my mum to learn how to ride a bike but she wasn't having any of it. I found Lisa from a simple google search and WOW how lucky was I. I bought the lesson as a surprise birthday present and it's the best present I've ever bought. After only one hour my mum was riding a bike and was having a whale of a time. Lisa is a patient, considerate and enthusiastic teacher, I would recommend her to anyone who wants to learn how to ride a bike in style . THANK YOU LISA!"

Ashleigh Nelson (Team GB Athlete) Proud Daughter (Staffordshire)

*At the 2014 European Athletic Championships held in Zurich, British elite athlete Ashleigh Nelson won a gold medal in the 4x 100m sprint relay setting a new British record. Ashleigh also became the first British female sprinter in over 40 years to win a medal (Bronze) in the individual 100m sprint.*

"Our 9yr old grandson and his friend missed their school Bikeability training and we were fortunate in finding Lisa to come and train them. Not only is Lisa a most competent trainer, but she's extremely good with children too. She's warm, friendly and a lot of fun to be with. The boys were motivated to succeed and Lisa held their attention throughout, I also feel she got over the message about road safety very well. Before taking them on the road, Lisa taught them how properly to use a bike in the safety of a quiet car park. She also impressed them with some of her own biking skills. The boys were enthralled when she did a hand-stand for them on a bike, and showed them how to keep a bike upright whilst not moving forward. I can thoroughly recommend Lisa to anyone involved with bicycles and/or children, she's an expert with both!"

Chris Sexton (Crowthorne, Berkshire) 

“Lisa gave me and my somewhat reluctant teenagers a day's training to help them stay safe while cycling to school on our pretty busy roads. Her enthusiasm was infectious and we all thoroughly enjoyed the day and learned a lot. Both my children feel much more confident braving the traffic which is great to see. Thank you Lisa! Oh - if you get the chance, let Lisa show you some of her stunt riding - it certainly convinced my two that she knew more about riding a bike than they did !”

Martin Gray (Warwick)

"After 3 years of trying and failing and 2 more years of feeling like he'll never do it, Lisa achieved in one hour what no one else did in 5 years. My 9 year old son finally learned to ride a bike! His confidence and self esteem shot up in what seemed like an instance. As a very reluctant student, what started off as the worst day of his life (he had built up an irrational fear of cycling) ended up being the best day of his life - just like that!

Lisa's natural approach put my son at ease straight away. Her communication and ability to instil trust was wonderful to watch. It's worth noting that my son has special needs and finds it hard to speak to new people as well as get to grips with physical activities demanding coordination skills. Lisa's teaching method is amazing, in that it makes total sense and she makes it look so easy! Every stage was broken down into simple steps. Once each step was mastered, cycling success was inevitable.

This is the work of a truly experienced and intuitive teacher who understands the needs of each individual. We are so fortunate to have met Lisa. She is truly a unique talent with all the attributes of a great teacher which is so much more than just knowing how to cycle. I will always be grateful and cannot recommend her highly enough. Thank you Lisa!"

Sharon N (North London)

"Wow what can I say. I found Lisa on google and saw the amazing reviews and thought what have we to lose? My 2 children had lessons to learn to ride via another company and it was a complete disaster in fact they ended up more confused and lost confidence. My son has learning disabilities, dyspraxia and hypotonia so it was never going to be straightforward or so we were led to believe. Lisa had both of them riding with pedals within an hour. Just amazing! Children loved it and thought she was such a great teacher with her can do attitude. If you are thinking about it please don't hesitate it is worth every penny. Thank you Lisa for making dreams come true."

Emma S (Cheshire)

"Lisa is a brilliant instructor and a welcoming, friendly and up beat person. She knows everything to know about bikes and cycling. My 19 year son Adam who is 6ft tall and has autism has struggled to ride a bike. We were very lucky to find out about Lisa and in just over one hour spent with Adam she had him riding his bike independently with a big smile on his face. She makes her session fun and explains the fundamentals of balance and common sense instructions in making cycling within your reach.

We can now go out riding together as a family and she has transformed our lives. Thank you so much Lisa! Sue, Sean, Adam"

Sue M (Cheshire)

"I am 63 and learnt to ride a bike in one lesson, yaaaay!!! I never had the courage to learn as a child, as most people do. I gave it a go a few times without success. Lisa taught me in such a short time, she is an amazing teacher who, through her excellent style of teaching gave me the tools to cycle in a methodical and scientific way. I cannot say enough to express my delight at learning to ride a bike at this age. My lack of confidence was my biggest enemy, Lisa truly is a great teacher who instills confidence in her students from the word go and makes the impossible be possible. Thank you Lisa."

Srila Sen (London)

"We had tried quite a few times with our 5 year old boy Imran with no success. We were quite keen for him to learn so we can all go cycling together. I couldn't believe my eyes when in a couple of hours my son went from not being able to balance on a bike for a few seconds to safely getting on and off the bike and pedalling as if he had done this all his life. Witnessing the transformation was a very proud moment. - Lisa was incredibly professional, passionate and immediately engaged with the children. She even made some changes to the bikes to suit them better and helped us choose a bike for the youngest. We will definitely look forward to enlisting her help again when we consider going on roads. Only one lesson to get your kid confident on a bike is no small task but she made it look easy! - Thank you Lisa we really appreciate your help."

Inas Ahmed (Lincolnshire)

"I am a man in my early 40s who was feeling self-conscious and embarrassed about learning to ride a bike so late in life, but from the moment I expressed my feelings to Lisa, she put me at ease straightaway. To echo other testimonies, she had me riding, as promised, within 15 minutes of the lesson! I was astonished to be doing what I had seen countless people do with apparent ease and confidence. Lisa is not only a fantastic teacher, but lovely person with whom I had extensive conversation about the current political situation across the world, Italian football and life being what you make it. In terms of the lesson, her instructions were clear and straightforward, with the emphasis on praising and reinforcing positive actions and developments. the fact that I was riding around so much until the weather intervened is something I'm still getting over. I highly recommend Lisa to anyone, young, middle and old, who needs an expert to teach them to ride a bike in less than 30 minutes."

Edward D (Hertfordshire)

"Lisa worked wonders teaching both our 7 year old daughter and 5 year old son to cycle in one day. We had tried to teach them ourselves for some time with little success but Lisa's skill and knowledge instilled them with the confidence to push themselves further than they would have done with us. The children loved Lisa's advice and sense of humour, meaning not only did they learn to cycle but they had fun doing so. Just a few months later my daughter has just taken part in her first triathlon, riding off road. You would never have guessed she was later starting to cycle than the peers she was competing with. Thank you Lisa!"

Jules Rhodes (Rickmansworth)

"Lisa has just taught my daughter to ride. This child is stubborn and not great at listening! But Lisa had her riding very quick. Lisa clearly explained what was needed and ensured she was understood and went over it as many times as was needed. Lisa is amazing and so good at what she does. Thank you Lisa we will be forever grateful for your patience and skill."

Kristina Stoddern (Liverpool)

"I had not ridden a solo bike for many years and at aged 70 felt the desire to do so again but lacked confidence . I had also attempted a lesson elsewhere which was sub standard to say the least . I persevered and decided to try Lisa after reading her history and testimonials. I was riding within the first half hour ! I have regained my confidence. She is a warm , friendly and relaxed person who knows her stuff and how to motivate and encourage people. Worth every penny. Thank you again Lisa."

Dora Shinn (Sheffield)

"We have spent years trying to get our 9 year old son to try to ride a bike. His sisters had absolutely no problem in picking it up but our son had very little confidence and was always afraid of falling off and hurting himself so refused to try. So we found out about Lisa's 1-1 lessons and her testimonials were so amazing on her website that we felt we really needed to ring her! So we booked in for a 3 hour session and she was absolutely brilliant with our son. By the end he could ride around confidently and come to a stop easily. We then took him the next day to see if his confidence was still there and it was! He rode around for about an hour and loved it!!! We couldn't believe it! All thanks to Lisa. Thank you!! You have transformed him!!!"

Antonia Ellis (Gloucestershire)

"Lisa is a fantastic coach! Had my son pedalling a cycle in 30 mins! Could not believe it! Thanks Lisa."

Samir Shah (London)

"One lesson, and within 20-30 minutes my six year old was riding her bike with complete confidence. She has a new bike bought after receiving excellent advice , is riding daily and simply loves the newfound freedom. I'm somewhat amazed after all my failed teaching attempts how quick and simple Lisa made it! Thank you."

Rachel Connor (Derbyshire)

"What a blessing it was to see my grandson riding a cycle with confidence! Zak is 11 years old and was rigid with fear when just sitting on a bike, Lisa with her patience and ability to encourage him to believe in himself matched with her small steps approach had him riding around confidently within the hour, Thank you Lisa."

Veronica Lewis (Staines)

"I cannot recommend Lisa highly enough. Having not been near a bike for 20+ years i was cycling after 20 minutes! She is great fun and made the whole experience enjoyable, even showing me some amazing tricks. I am hoping to take both my children back to learn with her in the future. Highly recommend 5 *."

Aimee Jones (London)

"Having struggled unsuccessfully with a few methods to get my 7 year old to ride his bike, I was amazed when in less than an hour Lisa had him comfortably balancing while he steered. By the end of the session he was confidently riding around like he had been doing so for months! He had a big smile on his face and has found a new level of enjoyment with cycling. Lisa is clearly a fantastic, personable coach who I would highly recommend to anyone looking to teach their kids (or anyone else!) how to ride in an impressively short amount of time. Thanks Lisa!!!"

David Chapman (North London)

"Really pleased my daughter enjoyed the lesson Lisa is warm talented and true to her word - thank you!"

Kelly Stephenson (Knutsford)

"My 9yr old daughter Grace was very nervous and tearful about learning to cycle so I knew this wasn't going to be an easy task! Lisa was absolutely brilliant with instilling confidence in her and assuring Grace that she wasn't going to fall off. The actual time on the bike from start to pedalling on her own was only about 45mins! I have to say I was a tad emotional seeing Grace cycle unaided confidently around the track. I would highly recommend Lisa to anyone and seeing the huge smile on Graces face at the end she would too! Many thanks Lisa you are a star!"

Michelle Talbot (Warwick)

"I took a few adult riding classes and didn't manage to ride a bicycle so I contacted Lisa. As promised Lisa got me riding in less than 30mins! She was patient and fun in encouraging me to ride. I am so happy to be riding in one lesson after so many years of trying.

I will most certainly contact Lisa again for more advance classes in the future. I highly recommended Lisa to anyone who is looking to ride as an adult. Thank you so much Lisa!"

Amina Rahman (London)

"Lisa taught my 9 year old how to ride a bike in less than 3 hours today! We are delighted! She gave a really professional service and lots of great tips on how to start and balance and instilled confidence in my daughter. We have tried to teach her to ride for the last two years to no avail so Lisa's help was invaluable. Thanks so much!"

Giselle Goodwin (Wilmslow)

"I'm a mature lady who has never had a bicycle. It was a very interesting lesson and I was surprised I was cycling within a few minutes of the lesson. Lisa is a fantastic tutor gives clear simple instructions and makes you confident to cycle alone and the lesson was interesting and enjoyable. Lisa also helped me with advice on selecting to buy a bike of my own. I have been practicing the cycling on my own at weekends since my lesson last week at a local safe car park and becoming more confident on my own now, from next weekend I hope to cycle at the park and other safe places to build my confidence more.

Thank you Lisa you are a great qualified tutor and a lovely person too. Daya x"

Daya Kaur (Birmingham)

"Lisa taught my 7 (nearly 8) year old, very nervous son to ride a bike in 20 minutes today! I was amazed: I've been trying for years! By the end of the session he and his friend were riding with confidence and having a great time. We'd definitely recommend Lisa without hesitation. Thank you Lisa."

Sonia Forrest (Macclesfield)

"Lisa is the best, no other way to say it! Had been trying to teach my 10 year old son for years and years and she does it in an hour! It was amazing to watch and a truly enjoyable experience for Jai, she built up his confidence and he now loves his bike. Will never be able to thank you enough Lisa, definitely going to come back for more! Wish you all the best!"

Neeta Ravish (Newcastle under Lyme)

"I contacted Lisa after seeing the testimonial from Chris Boardman. I was about to start cycling 40 miles per week to work with no road experience and quite frankly was feeling petrified! I spent the day with Lisa who taught me a range of valuable skills from bike control through to manoeuvres. She's a great teacher, very engaging, very knowledgeable and I felt comfortable in her company. By the end of the day, my confidence had rocketed and I saw my commute as a great way to fit exercise in - Lisa even did a practice commute with me! Thank you so much, I truly believe your course should be mandatory as it's literally a life saver."

Liz N (West Didsbury)

"Thanks Lisa for your time and patience on Sunday. We all really enjoyed the day and learnt so much. I would recommend Lisa above anyone she really knows her stuff and how to keep children engaged. Thanks again"

Julie Saunby (Sheffield)

"Lisa was excellent with my 7 year old and managed to get him riding within half an hour and fully confident in a single session, something we had been struggling with for some time! The teaching was well delivered and our son took to it immediately and the helpful tips will no doubt be extremely useful as he continues to improve. Many thanks again and I would thoroughly recommend."

Brad Agnew (Milton Keynes)

"What can I say.....our son was riding a bike within an hour. Lisa is an amazing tutor, funny, patient and understanding. We are very grateful for the instant confidence and belief she gave our son to ride a bike....and we are very proud of what he accomplished within a few hours."

Andrea Kenna (Nottingham)

"I can't thank you enough Lisa for persevering and taking us literally from beginner cyclists to a position where we now both feel confident riding a bike. I am utterly amazed at the information you were able to impart in just a few hours. You covered not only how to cycle safely but an huge amount about bike maintenance and we are both looking forward to putting the knowledge into practice. I no longer fear the bike and feel very fortunate that you were able to help us. Thank you so much."

Megan Graham (Wirral)

"Lisa was marvellous. She was kind, courteous and "went the extra mile" in helping our son. I have no hesitation in recommending her. "

Andy Mayo (Barnsley)

"I never learned to ride a bike and my only attempts were in my teens, then later in my 30s. I was never confident and always nervous. I'm at that time of life where I need to do the things I want to do now while I can! I did an extensive search and looked at lots of sites, but kept on coming back to Lisa. She set out everything that I would be able to achieve at the end of the session. For example taking a hand off the handlebars, slow manoeuvring, and much more. After talking to Lisa, I loved her attitude, and felt that she was right for me. Lisa has an amazing ability to explain how and why, then gives you the confidence to achieve. That's the sign of an excellent tutor! She knows her stuff and she didn't just stop at the lesson. She gave advice on bike maintenance, what to look out for and to top it all off, she took me to a bike shop to show me what sort of bike would best suit me. I had a cracking day out, lots of fun with Lisa's unique way of teaching as well as achieving more on a bike than I thought possible. I feel confident enough to be looking for my first bike, at the age of 60, all thanks to Lisa. I will be seeing Lisa again for some road skills which I can't wait for. I would say to anyone who is hesitant, speak to Lisa first and then go for it. You will not be disappointed!"

Sue Ainge (Worcestershire)

"Lisa provided expert and friendly advice. She was happy to stay longer to ensure my son Archie was competent in all key skills. Despite a day with a number of distractions from members of the public and drivers Lisa was cool under pressure which both my son and I really appreciated. I thoroughly recommend Lisa. Regards Andrew"

Andrew McLaren (Ashton under Lyne)

"It was amazing watching Lisa in action with our two kids - she had them both riding happily in little more than an hour, and they can't wait to spend lots of time on their new bikes. Lisa is good-humoured, and the children thoroughly enjoyed the session! Thank you!"

Khalid Hayat (London)

"After giving up learning to ride as a child, I never thought I'd be able to learn to ride age 26. It was the best decision deciding to get a lesson from Lisa yesterday. Lisa was brilliant and really developed my confidence by helping me with balance and technique. She was an expert and recommending the right bike for me and I can't wait to get riding."

Fran Lloyd (Cheltenham)

"Lisa, you did a great job teaching my son how to ride his bike. I spent several frustrating hours trying to teach him but it wasn't working, but you had him on his bike and riding within 1 hour. Thanks for your help. Much appreciated!"

Lee Howard (St Helens)

"We found Lisa on line after many unsuccessful attempts of trying to teach our 2 boys (6 and 9) to ride their bikes. Our 9 year old in particular had never ridden a bike so became very stressed about trying to ride his bike without any stabilisers as it all seemed too hard and every time we tried to teach him it all ended in tears.

Lisa got the boys sorted with bikes that were the right size for them and within a few hours they were both riding bikes and loving it! We have gone from them being scared to ride bikes to them asking to go riding every day! We highly recommend Lisa. Her training methods work and she is a very patient teacher. The boys loved her!"

Freya Stone (Rickmansworth)

"We were amazed at Lisa's expert skills in teaching our Son to ride a bike. She is exceptionally talented. My son was a beginner and Lisa managed to teach him to ride in just 1 session. Apart from being very professional she is also very caring, understanding and patient. She also makes learning to ride a fun thing. Her 'Can Can Can do it' attitude instills confidence in a student. We were really fortunate to have come across Lisa for cycling lessons. Thank you very much Lisa."

Rajesh Belavadi (Berkshire)

"Lisa taught both me and my sister (adult first time learners) to ride a bike successfully. Lisa put our nerves at ease, made the lesson extremely fun and was professional throughout. At first we were uncertain who to book lessons with, but we definitely made the right decision to book with Lisa: she is passionate about what she does, she cares that her customers get a good experience, she dedicated lots of time and patience to us before the session talking us through what to expect, finding the right location and right learner bikes, teaching us and then follow up advise post lesson too. We had an excellent experience with Lisa."

Anoop Dosanjh (Maidenhead)

"Thank you so much Lisa for your amazing help today. My eight year old son had poor balance and low confidence and showed no sign of being able to ride a bike, despite our many attempts. Lisa was fantastic with him, a perfect balance of empathy and confidence building with just the right amount of no-quit attitude to keep him engaged. We were astonished at his progress and could not believe he rode a bike unaided in an hour. Thanks again."

The Sindens (Coventry)

"Just amazing! We thought no one would be able to get our sons riding a bike, but Lisa, with her impressive 'formula', got our two little men riding within hours or less! We are thrilled! Thanks Lisa x "

Clare Lightfoot (Frodsham)

"My 10 years old daughter could not ride a bike at all. After a few unsuccessful attempts when little she just gave up, so we decided to get her a cycling lesson as a birthday present. What an excellent choice we made to get Lisa as an instructor. Lisa is amazing, very friendly and extremely experienced. Thanks to her clear and easy instructions my daughter was riding within 30 mins. By the end of the session she was riding with confidence and biggest smile. As my daughter said it was the best birthday present ever. Now she just cannot wait to ride her own bike. Also after the session Lisa took extra time to advise us on a suitable bike and provided my daughter with a lovely certificate of her achievement. I would definitely recommend Lisa to everyone who want to learn to ride the bike. You will not be disappointed. Money well spent. Big thank you Lisa, from Miroslava and Sara."

Miroslava Fabryova (London)

"Lisa is simply FAB. She got me learning in an hour from never having done cycling in my 40+yr old life. Didn't fall even once, which I was dreading as I am neither nimble nor light. My 9 yr old needed a little longer and now absolutely loves cycling, big change from hating it."

Sunitha Pais (Buckinghamshire)

"Lisa is the most efficient and effective teacher we have ever seen. True to her word, it took her longer to adjust my son's bike than it did to get him to ride it. My son was adamant that he couldn't and wouldn't learn - the whole thing was impossible! Lisa broke it down into manageable steps that he mastered in minutes. At the end of 3 hours he was riding around obstacles with the biggest smile on his face. At the end he proclaimed that Lisa is the best teacher in the whole world!! Thank you so much for an enjoyable and successful experience."

Fiona Bird (Leicester)

"Lisa managed to teach my daughter and myself a complete beginner to ride a bike in only one session! Thank you so much Lisa you truly are amazing! x"

Sara Begum (Blackburn)

" Lisa is simply amazing - our son was riding with peddles in 1.5 hours!! Lisa made it fun, and high energy which every child loves. Even we learnt a number of tips too! We have recommended Lisa to everyone we know and love. Thank you so much Lisa! xxx"

Mel Knox (South London)

"A true miracle worker! Lisa taught our 3 daughters to ride their bikes (from scratch) in a morning! That also included various technical bike adjustments. Two of our girls were really quite nervous & Lisa was brilliant at building confidence with her passion & patience. They had a great time & we are so grateful. We can't recommend her enough! Thank you!"

Rachel Holliday (Chester)

"Lisa was a joy - My 10 year old who had had very few chances to ride a bike as we live in Hong Kong was riding with confidence after 2 hours and now wants her own bike! Would recommend Lisa to anyone! Kind regards Mark."

Mark Western (Hong Kong / London)

"Our 6 year old son first learnt to ride a bike over 2 years ago, but had always struggled with the initial 'pushing off' on his own and being properly in control of the bike. His confidence had decreased so much over time, that he no longer even wanted to sit on his bike. After some internet research we came across Lisa's testimonials and contacted her without hesitation after reading all the success stories! From first contact, Lisa was professional and knowledgeable (providing advice on the new bike we were planning to purchase before the tuition) and we soon had our session booked in. Within 3 hours, our son was riding with ease, with a smile on his face and totally in control of the bike, braking and steering with confidence - and at the end of the session Lisa had him 'push off' 12 times in a row which he did happily! Through clear, detailed instruction and plenty of encouragement, Lisa guided our son through the basics (from how to hold and get on a bike, through to safety considerations) in manageable chunks. One week on and our son has just completed eight laps around our local cycle track today and commented that he thinks he was born to ride a bike because it's so much fun! We cannot thank Lisa enough for the confidence she has given him through her expert and patient tuition."

Suzannah and Ben Hewlett (Bristol)

"So ... I 'm 62 and hadn't been on a bike in over 25 years and then I found Lisa. She's simply the best! She instilled confidence in me from the minute she got me back in the saddle and I ended up controlling my bike rather than it controlling me. She's lovely lady in to the bargain and I highly recommend her to the "mature" beginner who wants to get back in the saddle!"

Maria Keegan (nr Stockport)

"Lisa taught our 5 and 7 year old children to ride their bikes without stabilisers in just one lesson. Our eldest daughter was terrified of her bike and we had previously spent over a year trying to get her to ride it. After the first half an hour she was already much improved and by the end of the session they were both confidently riding around the carpark together and loving it. We genuinely did not think this was possible in one session and couldn't be happier with the result nor more proud of our daughters. I would certainly recommend this approach to any other parents, particularly if you have a nervous rider. I am sure we could have spent another year trying and getting no further, now the girls can't wait to get back on their bikes. Great value for money! Thanks Lisa"

Gary & Natalie Millar (Nr Loughborough)

"Lisa is a fantastic teacher. She taught me to control the bike, gave me confidence on handling the bike and taught me to ride a bike in less than 30 minutes. She then spent the remainder of the session improving my handling and riding techniques. It was a very good session and I recommend her 100%."

Ade Fidler (Hull)

"My husband tried to teach my 8-year old son Kai how to ride a bike for a week without much success. Reading all these testimonials, I was sure Lisa would be the best choice. Lisa did it in just one session which wasn't even long. My son is so proud of his achievement that he now wants to teach me how to ride (although I can already), hoping to give me all the good tips that Lisa had given to him. Thank you Lisa for your excellent support - you are an amazing cycling expert!"

Yukiko (London)

"I'm 64 and I didn't have a bike until I was 45. Back then I rode for a while (very carefully) and then haven't really touched the bike for the last ten years. Until I met Lisa - my day with Lisa was a springboard to getting back into cycling. She taught me control that I'd never had. This has made me much more confident. I really recommend Lisa's training. It was a really really rewarding day. I recently enjoyed - really enjoyed - a 20 mile ride on one of Ireland's greenways. Thanks Lisa."

Chris Goddard (Keighley)

"Before the lesson with Lisa my confidence had been destroyed due to falling off my bike into the road. Consequently, the bike ended up in the shed gathering dust and I was thinking about selling it. However, I decided to give it one last try and thought a lesson would perhaps be the answer. Lisa's lesson was such fun and she took me patiently through all the basics, progressing to finally being able to navigate cones (something I never expected to be able to do). I would highly recommend this course to anyone who feels, like me, they need more confidence controlling a bike. Thanks so much Lisa for making me realise I CAN ride a bike again. Can't wait to get on the cycle path and practise my new skills."

Catherine Woolnough (nr Chester)

"Thank you Lisa - You gave me the confidence I lacked, not only that but it felt a personal experience. When I first looked at the site I assumed it was a very big organisation and that you were just one of a lot of teachers, but no, it's just you and you are so positive and enthusiastic that it transmits!"

Margaret Sanderson (Staffordshire)

"Thank you Lisa for a very thorough and fun day of learning. I am much happier about letting my daughter cycle independently now."

Christina Locke (Oundle)

“OMG this women is a legend!!!! Lisa taught my 9 and 7 year old how to ride a bike within an hour of the lesson. She was great in giving my children confidence, being patient with them, praising them, having great attitude and encouraging them. I couldn't believe that my children were cycling on their own with no previous cycling experience. Lisa is brilliant at what she does. Her teaching methods are excellent. I highly recommend anyone thinking about booking Lisa, do it you will not find anyone who will come close to her in teaching you to cycle safety and correctly and you will not be disappointed. - Lesson was on the 15/08/2017.”

Sheran Thandi (Walsall)

" Absolutely wonderful tuition yesterday thank you Lisa for my 2 grandchildren, aged 7 and 5. Literally learnt to ride their bikes within half an hour. Really good basic vital rules taught in a friendly manner, and the bikes themselves 'serviced'. Can't recommend enough. "

Philippa Davies (Leicestershire)

" I had one of the most satisfying and rewarding times of my life last month when I took a class with Lisa! I'm almost 34 years old and never ridden a bike so when I told my husband and mum that I would be taking cycling lessons, they thought I was out of my mind. The moment I got on the bicycle, I also agreed with them that I should have just stayed at home rather than embark on this seemingly impossible task at my age. I couldn't believe it when I started getting confident after just 15 minutes of riding and I was already balancing on the bicycle within the first 1 hour of the lesson! By the end of the lesson, I was shopping for my 1st bicycle ever and it was very kind of Lisa to have taken the time to help me make that decision. I will definitely be recommending her and I can't wait to send my kids to her for training once they are old enough to cycle. Thank you so much Lisa! "

Dolapo Adeyemi (London)

"Lisa taught my 2 children ages 8 and 5 in 1 session. She made it fun, enjoyable, whilst teaching them safety around a bike. We haven't been able to get the kids off their bikes since!"

Tracey Jones (Milton Keynes)

"It was a brilliant experience learning cycling and its safety aspects with Lisa and I would truly recommend Lisa. Our kids enjoyed learning and definitely feel more confident at cycling and by practicing what was taught they will be much more safer on the roads. Lisa is very passionate about cycling that she went out of her way to make sure that the boys got the techniques and concepts right. The most important fact being that we learnt as a family."

Johncy and Preeta Joseph (Shrewsbury)

“My daughter Allegra learnt how to ride a bike today with Lisa in just one lesson! I have been trying to teach her for 4 years!

Thank you Lisa and I would highly recommend you!”

Tracy Robinson (Liverpool)

"I had a great time with Lisa learning to ride a bike in just one lesson. Lisa is an excellent teacher and I would recommend her to anyone!"

Sarah-Louise Clarke (Melton Mowbray)

“Let me start off by saying Lisa is absolutely AMAZING! My daughter Shaniah is 10 years old and around 5"3 in height, it has been a struggle for me to teach her how to ride myself due to ill health. I arranged to meet with Lisa on 08/07/17 and this day truly changed the life of my daughter as well as myself as Lisa taught my daughter to finally ride unaided in a short amount of time and assisted in educating us on the right bikes to buy and also adjusting her own bike. I would recommend Lisa to everyone and it was money well spent. Lisa is truly a blessing and genuinely loves to teach, is extremely professional, motivating and has my child's best interest at heart. I don't know what I would have done without Lisa and I would just like to officially thank you Lisa for all your help and support and hope to see you again for more cycling experience in the future.”

Danielle Frazer (Birmingham)

"AMAZING thank you so much!

Call Lisa you won't go wrong. I was sure my six year old boy would not learn to ride. A few hours later job done!"

Trevor Nock (Knowle)

"Both my children loved being trained by Lisa. Her patience, dedication and hard work was just amazing to watch. The children absolutely loved her! Within 2 hours, both my 5 year old and 8 year old were riding confidently! I am so glad that I found her. Certainly a wonder woman!"

Karthiga Mahesaratnam (Harrow)

“Lisa, Thank you so much for teaching the boys to ride. I am gobsmacked at how quickly you managed to teach Josh - we honestly thought it was going to take months! But you not only kept your promise to teach him in one day - but effectively taught him in less than an hour!!!! Josh said that you were an excellent teacher and it's clearly true as he came home brimming with confidence.

Thank you also for the follow up advice and the great cycling certificate- that Josh is quite rightly very proud of! We would both be only too happy to add this to list of amazing testimonials you already have and would definitely recommend you to others and come back for the advanced courses! Many, many thanks!”

Debbie & Guy (Pinner)

“Stunning. Lisa's tuition is all that it is cracked up to be. I failed to teach our 8 year old daughter to cycle. Lisa met her, won her confidence, her engagement and her effort in no time flat. She was cycling within 21 minutes. The next day she cycled 11 km. Lisa is special: highly engaging, highly skilled, very caring, motivating and inclusive. We all enjoyed the session and we are now able to enjoy cycling together as a family. Thank you, Lisa, you are the best!”

Jon Harlow (London)

“Today I had my lesson with Lisa Costa. After only an hour I was riding the bike with confidence. It went so smooth from starting to balancing to turning left and right and braking to stop. When you told me on the phone that I will be riding a bike I didn't believe it, but now I'm impressed how confident I am on the bike. Can't wait to get out there asap on my bike. Thank you!”

Mariana Lupu (Nantwich)

“Thank you so much Lisa for teaching our 7 year old son how to ride. I have been trying to teach him for a while now without success. You have made us happy parents and our son can now enjoy riding his bike with our neighbours children. “

Binoy Mistry (Harrow)

“Well, what can I say? Lisa does exactly what she promises! Having reached my fifties without learning this great life skill, I met Lisa for my lesson feeling quite nervous (especially about falling off) and concerned that the 'magic' of cycling would not happen for me. How wrong could I be? She had me cycling within 40 minutes! I cannot express how empowering it felt pedalling across our training area after years of wistfully watching others out on their bikes enjoying a freedom I felt I would never experience. Cornering was a challenge, but Lisa got me there. Her encouragement and 'can do' teaching method filled me with total confidence and I can honestly say I didn't feel nervous the whole lesson. She's amazing. So if you believe, as I did, that you can't do this, trust me - with Lisa you can can can.!”

Sarah-Jane Volkers (Oxfordshire)

“After trying unsuccessfully to teach my daughter Tilly to ride for several years, I decided professional help was needed, so contacted Lisa. It only took her half an hour to do what I'd failed to do for years, the difference in my daughter was amazing. Would highly recommend Lisa for teaching anyone how to ride!”

Richard Firth (Market Harborough)

“I don't even know where to start with how amazing Lisa is! She taught our son more in 5 minutes than I have in 5 years.

But more than that Lisa actually, genuinely cares. My son really struggled with cycling and Lisa returned for a second time to give him further tuition and enable him to push on further - thanks to her he is now flying! We cannot thank her enough. She is knowledgeable, kind, caring, fun and charismatic. We now have a new family motto 'we can, can, can'!

Look forward to seeing Lisa again - once you have met her once she touches your life forever xxx”

Kate Martinez (Liverpool)

“Spent a very cold but great afternoon last Saturday when Lisa taught my 10 year old nephew to ride his bike. I had been trying for three years without success and Lisa accomplished it in half an hour! He had a very negative attitude which soon changed after meeting Lisa. The transformation was amazing and it was such a joy to see him finally riding his bike which she adapted for him. She made the session fun with her lovely personality and offered him plenty of advice and encouragement for the future. We would definitely recommend her. She delivers what she promises! Thanks!”

Sandra Purdy (Derby)

"OMG!! I arrived with a child who didn't even want to sit on a bike with stabilisers for fear of falling off and within an hour she was pedaling around the car park!!! I couldn't believe it - it was like seeing her take her first steps!!! Thank you Lisa, you were fantastic and we would have never reached this stage without you because now Evie 'can, can, can!'"

Justine Lee (Wakefield)

"I cannot recommend Lisa highly enough. My granddaughter, Layla aged 7, wouldn't entertain riding her bike without stabilisers. We've tried for two years with no luck whatsoever, she just wasn't interested, no matter how hard we tried to persuade her and wouldn't even consider having the stabilisers removed. To our complete amazement Lisa had her cycling unaided within half an hour this morning! She gained Layla's trust immediately with her kindness and enthusiasm. I'm not exaggerating when I say we were stunned. It goes without saying that Lisa knows her stuff and has a brilliant talent - worth every penny! Thank you Lisa! We now have a happy little girl who's very proud of herself - priceless!"

Noelle Hesketh (Stockport)

"What can I say.... Lisa achieved almost the impossible, she managed to get me to balance, pedal and feel reasonably confident on a bike in just a morning! Some people are just born teachers and Lisa is one of those special people, she managed to give me the confidence and self belief (not to mention, balance!) to begin to cycle. I can't wait to surprise my family with my new found skill when we all go on our summer holiday later on this year. Thank you so much, carry on the good work!"

Angela Palmer (Derbyshire)

"Lisa has taught both my boys to ride a bike within 2 hours. She really does deliver what she promises. She is very professional and friendly. She took both boys from minimal confidence to feeling really good about themselves. I'm very happy we met Lisa she now feels like a good friend. Hope to see u soon Lisa...

Dont forget you have promised to teach my wife next who didn't get the opportunity as a child."

All the best.

A. Sharif (Liverpool)

"My son had tried many times to battle his fear of balance on a bike and trying to conquer the skill of cycling. I am so glad that I got hold of Lisa's details. Today after one lesson with Lisa, his fear has gone and cycling is his new passion. It was a delight to see his confidence grow. Lisa was amazing, her manner put him at ease and her positivity was overflowing. I would recommend her without hesitation. Thank you once again Lisa."

Dan Weed (Bolton)

"Had tried for years with family and friends to ride a bike with absolutely no success. I couldn't even stay on and glide for a few seconds! At 31 years old and with a week off, I decided to get in touch with Lisa due to the testimonials and reviews on her website.

A few emails and phone chat later, her passion and confidence in her abilities was really inspiring! She also travelled a long way just to teach me, this was amazing and meant so much. - Session was relaxed, no pressure and split into really simple steps. She knew where I was going to go wrong before I even did it, explained how to correct it and literally had me riding unaided within 15 minutes -after 31 years of failure! - As well as being such a lovely person, Lisa has literally changed my life in a few hours, I am so grateful! If you are thinking about doing the same, unsure or nervous; I have absolutely no doubt that Lisa is THE best at what she does and would recommend anyone to get in touch and go for it!"

Dr Fraser Young (Selby)

"I'm so happy that I found Lisa to help me to improve my cycling skills. I could ride a bit but wanted to get better so I could cycle on roads. Lisa helped me to do this in just a few short hours! Lisa is an excellent teacher and is very passionate about what she does. She was very patient and encouraged me when I thought that I wouldn't be able to do the manoeuvres such as cycling slowly. She was very knowledgeable and had lots of tips on checking bikes and bike control. I really enjoyed the cycling and I feel much more confident now. If you are unsure and need cycling help Lisa is the best! Thanks Lisa!"

Tanya Grenade (Oldham)

"What can we say?? Lisa's experience and energy transformed our 8 year old daughter from a nervous, anxious non-cyclist who wouldn't even go near a bike anymore, into a happy, confident cyclist who we now feel is going to love cycling for the rest of her life! Within 20 minutes our daughter was cycling completely unaided! By the end of the session she was turning figures of eight with a huge grin on her face and even changing gears correctly! Lisa has a great way with kids too - is able to motivate them and relax them at the same time. Thank you Lisa - you're a life- saver!! Would recommend you to anyone!"

Liz Hall (Warrington)

"Amazing to see our 7year old boy go from minimal confidence on a bike with stablisers to riding within a hour. Lisa was wonderful, calm, and an utter professional in instructing my son and getting him to do something I couldn't. We as a family are amazed, up next the 2 younger brothers. Thank you so much and such a wonderful gift to be able to teach a person how to ride."

The Lambournes (Hereford)

"After numerous attempts to teach our teenage son to ride Lisa had him pedalling around confidently in under 30 minutes. She made it fun for all of us with her relaxed manner and positive approach. Highly recommend Lisa."

Chriss Widdrington (Somerset)

"Hi Lisa, a big thank you for teaching our son Jamie to ride this morning. He's so proud of himself and so are we. As you know Jamie hadn't quite managed to transition from a balance bike to pedal bike. You quickly assessed him on his balancing and within half an hour he was riding the pedal bike unaided. Just some fine tuning with you for the remainder and good practical tips given prior to lesson on how to mount and dismount safely amongst loads of other practical things. We first tried about 18 months ago and then last year to transition to a pedal bike but like some children Jamie didn't want to listen to mum and dad so we clearly needed some intervention. Jamie had trouble starting off from a stationery position and it was so lovely to see that within minutes it was mastered with Lisa. Thank you so much. Such a lovely lady."

Jo, Paul and Jamie Beaven (Gloucester)

"I contacted Lisa as I hadn’t ridden for more years than I wanted to remember and had never been confident on a bike. I recently decided to add cycling to help keep fit and be able to ride with friends. I was really nervous as it’s not easy going “back to school”, but Lisa’s enthusiasm, generosity with her knowledge and professionalism all helped to reassure me before I got to the session that I was going to end the day in a much more positive place. The session itself covered some good basics about checking the bike before a ride and safety on the road as well as plenty of skills to practise to develop control over the bike. I achieved in the session so much more than I had hoped, and with the right balance of encouragement, praise and nudge to do better at the right times, I’m so pleased I took the plunge. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Lisa and will be returning when I’m ready for the next stage in my cycling. Thank you Lisa"

Nicola Clark (Swadlincote)

"Lisa is amazing!! She taught our 8 year old and 5 year old to ride and from the moment they met her, she put them completely at ease. Lisa knows everything there is to know about bikes and cycling. Our daughter had had some experience of learning to ride but Lisa's approach was fantastic and had her riding within 30 minutes and by the end of the session was riding with so much confidence and with a new found love for cycling. Our son had only ever ridden with stabilisers and within 2 hours with Lisa he was pedalling away on his own. Lisa was brilliant with both children & they were very sad to say goodbye to her at the end of the session. We can't recommend her enough!"

The Williamson Family (Maidenhead) Happy parents! Happy kids!

"When we first got in touch with Lisa you could immediately tell that she is one of the most passionate people you will ever meet and seemingly very ambitious about what she can achieve with her students. Our 7yr old son, Alfie, had never really sat on his bike through lack of interest, but seeing his friends ride spurred him on to learn. After various efforts at home with and without the use of stabilisers, no progress was being made. After 45mins with Lisa, he was up on his bike and pedalling around the car park. Lisa's approach to teaching is first class and very structured. The foundations Lisa has put in place now mean that our son has the confidence to cycle with ease, and it has saved a lot of time and back ache on the part of his parents! We could not recommend Lisa highly enough. Thank you!"

Miles Cohen (Leicestershire) Amazed and very pleased

"I contacted Lisa through fear - my 11 yr old boy was cycling round the neighbourhood, with dubious bike skills and no road awareness; every time he went out my heart was in my mouth. Lisa was an angel - from the first point of contact to the day she spent patiently teaching my boy everything he needs to be safe. He loved the training and I now have a happy, competent and confident cyclist. I can't thank Lisa enough for her time, passion and professionalism."

Abi Rosenbloom (Chester) Happy Customer

"Lisa is an inspiration. Not only professional and focused but also kind and determined that her customers get out of the experience just what they need. She spent well over the set time to get my boys through the course and has more stamina than most 10 year olds. Thank you Lisa, could not have asked for more."

Carter and Hugh Parry (Chester)

"Grace has had a bike for over a year. we got as far as getting her to ride in a straight line for a short while but control/balance and confidence were a big challenge for her-and most importantly it had stopped being fun a long time ago. In the space of 3 to 4 hours Lisa had her riding with confidence and a big smile on her face. As a family we have all had to support Grace through too many medical issues to go through here, and we mark every win with a great deal of pride and excitement- this was one of those times. Lisa Costa is hugely knowledgeable and full of empathy,energy and good humour, we'll remember her time with Grace with huge affection."

Gervais and Dina Hardy - Grace's Parents (Bristol)

"I contacted Lisa because I needed to improve my confidence to cycle on the roads. Her reply to my enquiry was very prompt and her communication style was reassuring. Even before meeting her, I knew I would be training with someone who was passionate, knowledgeable and experienced. My main challenge was bike-control and Lisa showed me techniques to handle my bike much better as well as how I need to behave on the roads as a cyclist. Even though I am still nervous while cycling, I trust that implementing the techniques I learnt from Lisa will make me MUCH safer....And she travelled from Staffordshire to Watford on a Sunday to train me - if that is not passion I don't know what is!! Thanks Lisa"

Beauty Zindi (Watford) Adult cyclist wanting to improve confidence

"Lisa managed to teach my very nervous daughter to ride in under one hour, something we've tried and failed, you forget the simplest things and expect the child to know. we took her out to practice on her own again on the day after and she was riding like a pro, loads more confidence and enjoying herself. Thanks Lisa your a star, PS I'm going to use the chicken joke..LOL we all had a great time and it was a pleasure to have your help."

Alan Martin (Bolton)

"Thank you Lisa for your time and patience in teaching our 9yr old son to ride his are brilliant x"

Yvonne and Geoff (Cannock) very happy parents

"Literally WOW! Lisa taught my 11 year old son to ride in less than 30 minutes!!! I cannot rate this lady high enough. From the minute we met Lisa we were all laughing and feeling very relaxed, especially my son. His initial nerves were very quickly replaced with passion and confidence and that was all thanks to his instructor. I would recommend Lisa to anyone of any age who needs bicycle lessons. My son and I are 100% satisfied and are looking forward to booking a more advanced lesson in the future with her. Thank you a million Lisa Costa."

Nicola Leese (Chester) Beyond Satisfied Mum

"Lisa thank you for a fantastic day with our 3, 4 and 6 year olds who could already ride bikes without stabilisers and are a handful !!! You fitted safety equipment correctly and taught them safety manoeuvres .... Now not only can they "zoom" but are riding with much more control, avoiding colliding into each other and putting in emergency stops when necessary ....this has given me and them more confidence when out and about on their bikes. The Session was great fun, keeping them engaged and smiling. It was as relaxed (as possible !) and not rushed in any way- Looking forward to another session in the future !!!"

Dawn Judson (Dudley) Extremely happy!

"Lisa taught our daughter to ride a bike in under an hour. It was amazing to see the process from "total non rider to riding with control". We were also given advice on what type of bike along with lots of hints and tips. 10/10"

Martin and Patricia Stott (nr Halifax) Superb results

"Lisa is an amazing teacher! She taught me to ride and I am in my forties! She also taught my 5 year old twin daughters to ride as well. Thank you so much xxx"

Mo Badmus (Milton Keynes)

"Our 11 year old son is starting secondary school soon and we wanted him to be able to cycle to school feeling confident on his bike so we booked Lisa to train our son and his best friend as well as myself on the Bikeability 2 course. Lisa is a fantastic teacher who really knows her stuff and by the end of the day all three of her pupils were feeling much more confident cycling on the roads. We look forward to working towards our Bikeability level 3 in the future. Thank you Lisa."

Victoria (Melton Mowbray) A more confident cyclist!

"What an amazing lady Lisa is. We have being trying to teach our son to cycle for years without any luck. My son wanted to ride, but didn't really want to go through the learning process. He had no confidence what's so ever and little desire to control his bike, a couple of hours later he was riding by himself with a smile on his face that made us so proud. Thank you so much Lisa. Well worth the money to learn a life skill."

Andy Duckworth - Happy Customer (Cheadle)

"We cannot thank Lisa enough for giving our daughter Ava (6 years old) the confidence to ride her bike, Lisa removed all the obstacles Ava was putting in her way and had her riding her bike confidently within 30 minutes. Lisa has an amazing way with children and in Ava's own words "that was the best lesson I've ever had"!"

Marie-Claire Wheeldon (Oldham) Very happy mummy

"Our family booked Lisa for a day bike ability course. It was excellent. The whole family learnt so much. We now cycle on the roads with so much more confidence and feel safe in doing so. I now cycle on the roads a lot more and enjoy it as opposed to only cycle on pavements in fear of the motorists. Well worth every penny for Lisa taught us so much plus more."

Philip Gerrard (Solihull) Happy family road cyclist

"Lisa is TRULY gifted. We have been trying to teach our 6 year old twins to ride for 2 years, on and off. We were getting nowhere. Then we found Lisa. In less than one hour she had our daughter cycling confidently and by the end of three hours our son too. Neither could even 'scoot' before the session. It was quite amazing to watch how she adapted her style to suit each of them. Our children loved her warm, friendly and fun approach. It was inspiring how she kept them going, even when the going was tough. She really does know how to build confidence. We will be back for road lessons and lots more fun. I couldn't recommend her highly enough."

Debbie Hewitt MBE - Thrilled Mum (Cheshire)

"My son is six years old and recently we both had the pleasure of meeting Lisa. Lisa is an amazing character and has a natural affinity with children! She brought Henry out of his shell straight away and had him riding his bike within thirty minutes! I cannot recommend Lisa enough, although Henry is now bike mad and it's a task to get him to do anything else!!! Thanks Lisa"

Annette Scott (Oldham) an elated mum

"Just wanted to thank you so much for teaching both my boys, Nathan and Toby, to ride their bikes on Saturday. There is no stopping them now, especially Toby!!! Would definitely recommend Lisa to anyone having difficulty in riding. Looking forward to getting my new bike tomorrow to go out and ride with the boys. Many Thanks Again Rebecca & Gareth x"

Rebecca Beirne - Happy Customer (nr Leigh)

"Within 45 mins of meeting Lisa, Jenny was cycling on 2 wheels! The stabilisers are now in the cellar never to be needed again. This was one of Jenny's holiday goals and it's well and truly ticked! Thanks for being so positive, helpful and supportive. This would have taken us months to get to this stage without you and all done in the first hour. The confidence gained in the rest of the session has given her the best possible start and it has been great value for money too. Thanks for travelling so far to see us and making it look really easy. I will recommend you without reservation to anyone wanting to learn or to improve."

Jennifer (7), Jenson, Angela & Andy Pang - Wheels on Fire! (Wakefield)

"My husband and I have both tried for a long time to teach our 8 year old son how to ride a bike. He was very nervous and every attempt ended in tears from his frustration of not being able to learn. We then found Lisa's website & arranged a lesson. Within an hour of being with Lisa he was riding a bike! My husband and I could not believe our eyes. Lisa was very friendly and even came to halfords with us to purchase a new bike & helmet and adjusted it to suit him. Absolutely fantastic, would recommend Lisa to anyone who wants to learn to cycle. Thank you again!"

Jen Maynard (Milton Keynes) Happy Mum

 *our clients' testimonials say it all* 

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