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testimonials page three

"About a month ago I got in touch with Lisa to teach my granddaughter to ride a bike - We were not getting anywhere trying to teach her to ride, so on the 19th of this month this lady arrived at my house, that's when my granddaughter first found out that Lisa would be teaching her. First she altered her bike to fit her then we went to Wrexham football club car park, we got there at 10.50am and then this great lady got to work to teach my granddaughter to ride her bike, by 11.12am she was riding the bikes as if she was a pro !! Lisa also got her to ride in and out of cones. All I've got to say is: Thanks very much Lisa you were fast in teaching her - love you!! Owen and Val Tudor (150 out of a 100)."

Owen Tudor (Wrexham)

"Lisa came to help my daughter who is about to go to university to get to grips with riding a bike again after a long period of not cycling. So I went along for the days lesson too. It was absolutely brilliant! We learnt so much, and I feel SO much happier that my daughter will be safer on a bike now. It has renewed my own enthusiasm for cycling too. I cannot recommend Lisa highly enough, she is very thorough, good fun, but serious too about everything to do with cycling. You won't find a better teacher."

Rebecca Creedy Smith - happy customer (Berkshire)

"After a lot of frustration trying to teach our son to ride we turned to Lisa. Lisa was able to do in under one hour what we hadn't been able to achieve in months namely have him riding a bike. Words cannot express how grateful we are to Lisa. I would recommend Lisa to everyone she is a wonderful person and teacher."

Stuart Parker (Manchester) Grateful parent

"Lisa is TRULY gifted. We have been trying to teach our 6 year old twins to ride for 2 years, on and off. We were getting nowhere. Then we found Lisa. In less than one hour she had our daughter cycling confidently and by the end of three hours our son too. Neither could even 'scoot' before the session. It was quite amazing to watch how she adapted her style to suit each of them. Our children loved her warm, friendly and fun approach. It was inspiring how she kept them going, even when the going was tough. She really does know how to build confidence. We will be back for road lessons and lots more fun. I couldn't recommend her highly enough."

Debbie Hewitt - Thrilled Mum (Cheshire)

"Very thorough and professional service. Lisa takes a well balanced approach to getting the basics across. I am very happy my daughter can now ride her bike. Thanks Lisa!"

Philip & Katy Pritchard - Happy parents (Bury)

"We were introduced to Lisa by our friends. Lisa thank you so much for teaching my two daughters (age 6 & 8) how to ride a bike and that too in less than 2 hours !! My husband has been trying for so long but didn?t succeed. In fact the girls got put off with the idea of riding a bike because of the fear and constant falling. But now the same girls tell us every day to take them out for a bike ride!! Lisa made learning a life skill a complete joy for both the girls. She was persistent and gave them confidence. We loved her motto- I Can Can Can !!! We look forward to seeing her in a year?s time for the advanced course. Thank you Lisa it was a pleasure to meet you !"

Arti (London) Happy Mom

"Lisa was amazing she taught our 9 year old daughter how to ride a bike in less than a hour and turned out to be a fantastic and funny instructor which gave our daughter a lot of confidence. Best money we have spent well worth it, It was amazing! - thank you Lisa!"

Vince Berry (Tewkesbury) a truly satisfied parent

"Having dyspraxia and short-term memory deficits, I have always struggled with learning practical skills. And what's more, because I know I will find something challenging, I often don't approach it with confidence. Within minutes of meeting Lisa you will know that she's expert at what she does and that you're in safe hands. She has a ballsy no-nonsense approach to what can sometimes be silly behaviour from other vehicles on the road and that really raises your own confidence in being a road user of equal importance instead of shrinking into the kerb-side. The most important thing however, is that she's always calm, patient and ready to diffuse meltdowns with humour! She acts as an advocate for you when you're hard on yourself and can re-frame disasters as experiences to learn from. I'm confident you won't find better cycling tuition anywhere else!"

Fiona H (Worcestershire)

"We had tried to teach our son Oliver to ride a bike on a number of occasions over several years to no avail. He really lacked confidence and didn't want to ride for fear of falling off. With one bike in the shed hardly used and now outgrown, we bought him a new bike for his 9th birthday with the promise of lessons. I found Lisa on a Google search. On reading some of the testimonials, I found other people who had been in the same position and that Lisa had successfully taught them to ride in one session. I wasn't convinced that would be achievable for Oliver, but wow! He went from not even being able to balance on a bike to riding figure of 8s on his own in less than an hour and a half ! I was truly amazed. Lisa has a supberb approach, very positive and patient and really inspired confidence. I would highly recommend Lisa to anybody who wants to learn to ride a bike. I feel so lucky I found her !"

Elizabeth Sapey - Proud Mum (Congleton)

"I booked tuition with Lisa while I was in centre parcs with my children in May 2015. The kids were leaving me behind as they were confident on their bikes. As i had never learnt to ride. Come 24th July. I met Lisa, a warm, funny and passionate lady who had me riding a bike within 40 mins. Lisa- you are amazing and passionate. Thank you for helping to tick this off my (30 year old) to do list. Xx"

Halima Khatoon (Lancashire) Finally ticked off the 'to do' list

"Lisa is an amazing instructor- she taught me bikeability levels 1&2 and turned out to be a fantastic, friendly and funny instructor. It was very practical and I became confident riding on the roads through fun activities. It was amazing- thank you Lisa!"

Francesca (Disley)

"Our grandson Oliver had no confidence at all when trying to ride his bike. I contacted Lisa and asked her to teach Oliver the basics and try and give him some confidence. Lisa said Oliver would be riding his bike within an hour of starting to teach him - that happened! Lisa said he would gain confidence and enjoy riding his bike - that happened! Lisa said he would be able to do turns, not just ride in a straight line - that happened! Lisa said she would look at Oliver's bike and give it a service if required, it needed loads - that happened! Lisa Costa does what she says she does, (how rare is that?) She worked extremely hard for 4 hours on a sunny day, and gave Oliver the confidence and training needed to go forward, all in one session. If you have children or adults who struggle to learn to ride I have no hesitation in recommending Lisa, she is professional, knowledgeable, human (like your favourite teacher). and she works hard on your behalf. Thanks!! - Bob, Jo & a happy Oliver."

Bob & Jo McDougall - Happy Grandparents (Leeds)

"Thank you Lisa for helping Daisy to believe in herself and learn to ride, can't believe that in such a short space of time she was balancing and then pedalling herself. Daisy's bike has been in the shed since Christmas barely touched as every time I tried to teach her it would end in tears. You made this once in a lifetime moment really special and put Daisy (who on the way there told me she was nervocited) at ease from the start. You are a star!"

Nicky Jefferies-Maxwell (nr Mansfield) Proud mummy

"Fantastic!! Lisa taught my two eldest children level one within a group while also assisting our youngest son of 6 to ride without stabilisers. Lisa was able to effectively split her time between teaching the level 1 class and helping our son to have enough confidence to ride his bike without stabilisers which is something he would not do with us. He has now been cycling around our local area happily. Lisa thoroughly enjoys what she does and goes far beyond making it a job, really can not praise her enough."

Lauren Cann (Alsager)

"I contacted Lisa because for 2 years my son aged 8 has struggled to ride a bike. It got to the point where if a friend came round to ask him to ride, he couldn't go. We were recommended by a friend, what can I say Wow Lisa was truly amazing at what she does, she makes it fun for the children, easy instructions to follow and boosts their confidence. Nothing was too much trouble, good contact via email/phone, fab on the day and she put the children at ease. My 2 boys had lots of fun, and were so proud of themselves, once they could ride they had smiles from ear to ear. I really thank Lisa so much, what a lovely lady!"

Hayley, Mike & boys (Wirral)

"Dear Lisa Thank you so much for teaching our daughter Sienna to ride her bike. You are amazing!! She was off on her own in an hour as she had faith in you as you filled her with confidence. I was away on a trip while you taught her, but as soon as I came home she was on her bike with the wind in her hair and a huge proud smile on her face. It was so lovely to see. I watched the video of you teaching her and it was great to see what an amazing teacher you are. Thank you so much xx"

Rachael van der Meer (Neston)

"Having spent a number of years trying to get our son Thomas to ride a bike to no avail, all seemed lost. Even though he had the ability, his confidence was the issue. In less than an hour with Lisa, Tom was riding round like a pro, full of confidence and loving every minute of it. Just hearing him laugh as he went passed made it all worthwhile. Would highly recommend Lisa to anyone experiencing the same challenges getting their children to ride a bike. Thanks Lisa, you're a star......"

Simon & Lynn Farrar (Ossett) Happy Parents

"Thanks Lisa for a great day, teaching me not only to ride a bike safely and confidently but helping me to believe that I really can do it! My family were amazed to see just how much we covered in such a short time. I've now teamed up with a bike buddy, ready to hit our local cycle tracks! Many, many thanks."

Lynne Maylor (Gwynedd)

"We had a 6 year old who lacked the confidence to get on a bike. After huge battles, tears, cajoling and bribery, we turned to Lisa. She set up his bike (and his younger brother's!), gave him an inspiring pep talk, and off he went. I was amazed! 20 minutes later, he was riding on his own, and after about 50 minutes, he was able to start off himself. Lisa was joking with him and encouraging him in equal measure - really we struggled to get him off the bike at the end. In fact, all I hear now is, 'can I go out on my bike please?' - he loves his bike, and his new found freedom. We can't thank Lisa enough - and really, the extra she put in with helping our younger boy, setting up the bikes, giving us advice afterwords, is well worth it. We have 2 very smiley, very excited boys."

Katharine Rymell (Daventry) Happy parents!

"As a woman of a certain age whose bike riding has been limited to the odd rides in parks and on disused rail tracks with the children I decided to sign up for a big charity cycling event next year. On my first ride I realised that my road skills and indeed bike skills were non existent and I really had to get some help. Help came in the form of Lisa who travelled down to me and spent 6 hours teaching both myself and my husband, who thought he should 'brush up his road skills' Well from wobbling down the road at 10am to cycling back fully in control at 4pm was a fantastic experience-a lot to learn but so worthwhile-I cannot praise Lisa highly enough. I would recommend her to anyone who has any doubt about their bike skills. Thank you Lisa"

Lynn (Birmingham) Satisfied woman of a certain age

"Lisa is an inspiring teacher. I took my son with mild learning difficulties who didn't have much physical confidence. In recent years he has built strength in the gym and seemed ready to give it a try. Lisa was amazing with him. First she helped him relax by talking football, his passion. She knew exactly how to win his confidence! Then the techniques she used and her sheer determination and confidence that he would be cycling by the end of the day won us all over. It was not easy for him but wonderful to see him off on a bike by mid-afternoon. He went back for another day's cycling confidence because he was so tired he didn't seem to take in the magnitude of what he had achieved. Lisa is a wonder. My son never thought he could do this and now he'll soon be taking to the cycle paths!!! Chris says: "Lisa taught me well. I liked her determination to get me to cycle. She was very sure I could do it and gave me confidence."

Kate Collier (Gloucestershire) Over the moon parent

"Wow, wow, wow! Lisa is a wonder. My husband had been trying for a long time to teach our son to ride, to no avail. Lisa had him pedalling on his own within 25 minutes and confidently doing figures of 8 a bit later. And he was smiling! I cannot express how impressed I was at how well Lisa taught Daniel. She also checked over the bike and made adjustments to it with a practised ease, all of which made the bike better for Daniel to learn on. I thoroughly recommend her cycle training. Next thing is to persuade my husband to let me sign up for a lesson for myself to improve my confidence....."

Stephanie Dew (Welwyn) Mum of reluctant rider

"After years of trying to teach our two boys age 10 and 7yrs how to ride bicycle my husband gave up. I decided to choose Lisa based on the testimonials of other parents. She assured me within 3hrs she can teach my son how to ride and i should bring his bike along. Since its half term i have to take my other son with me he decided to take his skateboard along to keep him busy while we wait for the other being train. The first thing she did was to repair our old rusty bike which was not in any way working then she said i will train your other son as well all for free, this i wasn't expecting. As we got set i step aside to watch within 30 mins the boys were riding by themself and we stood there for over and 1hr she was give then instruction here and there. I was so overjoy seeing my kids leaning a new skill after years of trying without success. Lisa displays high level of professionalism she is enthusiasm and full of positive energy, generous and kind. Thank you we are so greatul!"

Zainab (Birmingham) Satisfied Mum

"It was a real pleasure for my girls and I to meet Lisa and see her passion for safe and fun cycling. She had my 7 year old cycling confidently and unaided for the first time in under an hour, which was down to her simply breaking into manageable sections the components you need to ride a bike and making her believe that she could do it. I wish we had known about Lisa several years ago. She ensured that our bikes were working properly and set at the right position which really helped us get started. Lilly and Flo were then away with their riding having been taught fundamentals that I wasn't even aware of. We will definitely being staying in contact with Lisa for further tuition as the girls get older."

Jilli Guy (Belbroughton) Happy Mum!

"At 50, I approached the day with a lot of trepidation. Lisa blew it all away with her enthusiasm and confidence and within an hour I was pedaling! This is the biggest surprise of my life! Thank you Lisa."

Doctor Lata Nair (Sutton Coldfield)

"We had tried to teach our daughter to ride on a number of occasions over the years but to no avail. Aged 11 years and with Bikeability looming at school, she was worried about what her class mates would say when they realised she couldn't ride. In desperation, following a quick Google search, we contacted Lisa for some general advice and were thrilled to find that she had a cancellation the very next day and could fit us in. We met at 9:45am and within 80 minutes, our daughter was riding for the first time in her life. She went to school on the following Monday, full of confidence and looking forward to the Bikeability sessions that she had been so dreading. Lisa's expertise and enthusiasm during the session with our daughter was second to none and we could not have asked for anyone better to teach our daughter. We would not hesitate to recommend her and cannot thank her enough."

Mr & Mrs Terry (Rochdale) Proud and happy parents

"It was an unbelieveable Saturday afternoon, watching my 15 years old son, meticulously taken through the process of learning how to ride a bicycle. I could write an essay on this, but the main qualities that I observed about Lisa are:- - confidence building techniques - very methodological about her programme, start easy, the then building onto pedalling and cycling into figures of 8 -making cycling fun -great sense of humour -delivering on her promise that my son will be cycling by the end of the session, took less than 2 hours-amazing -giving sound advice on cycle mechanics and maintenance -instilling confidence into the pupil with a firm approach but gaining full trust -Lisa is a most enthusiastic person who loves cycling and wants to see more people cycle for health -great effervescent personality I will never forget this day, nor will my son. I will be keeping in touch with Lisa for future tuition and friendship. I can't thank her enough, Lisa is AWSOME, simply brilliant."

Dr.Abad Ali (Birmingham)

"My daughter learnt to ride a bike within two hours! - Amazing!! Good work Lisa!!!"

Anish Kanani (Leicester) Satisfied Dad

"I'm a parent of 3, Harvey 11 and twins 9. My son is autistic and also suffers from attention delay, so its hard to keep him occupied for a long time. He decided last year he wanted a bike so bought him one but it has just stood in the shed till I phoned Lisa. Im so glad I made that call. Harvey was able to ride on his own within a couple of hours, Lisa was extremely patient with Harvey's needs, when Harvey needed a break Lisa put my twins through their bikeability 1. At all times she managed to keep all my children busy and entertained with her knowledge and bike skills, they were very happy with the day and can't wait to meet up again to try for their next level. Harvey is keen to keep up with the skills Lisa has taught him and continuing to practice to gain more confidence. I myself also feel more confident going out on my bike through listening to the skills Lisa has taught my children. This lady is highly recommended by me and my children. Thank you so much Lisa !!"

Sharon Dyer (Bradford) Satisfied Mum​

*our clients' testimonials say it all*