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bike fitting - we go that extra mile!

 As professionals we are concerned at the number of poorly fitted bikes seen on our roads. This gives cause to uncomfortable and inefficient cycling thus adding unnecessary risk to safety. For example it's often the case that young children can find stopping difficult due to poor adjustment of their brakes and levers, either too difficult to pull or the levers are set at an uncomfortable reach.

We like to go that extra mile, and therefore as part of our holistic tuition service we include free of charge to all trainees any adjustments required to ensure them the best possible bike fit.

where time allows, we'll make minor repairs to bikes again free of labour charges, and on request will supply 

parts such as brake cables, tyres etc at reduced costs to ensure bikes are road worthy.

we'll not teach high numbers in lieu of quality tuition,

our ethos is high quality tuition in lieu of numbers,

to us, it's what you learn that matters most!

*our clients' testimonials say it all*